New Generation Restaurant,
Hotel and Payment Solutions

Manage your business perfectly with the products of the Simpra Family!

Manage Your Restaurant with The Simpra Family!

Perfect end-to-end restaurant software with products developed to facilitate business management.

Best ePOS System

Manage all your processes, from order to contactless payments, and to delivery service with Simpra.

All in One

If your restaurant offers delivery as well as table service, you can manage these two different service types and incomes separately in the same Simpra panel.

Reporting Anytime

Make the necessary improvements by getting instant reports about the most profitable hours of the day, the most profitable product groups and much more.

Integration with All Systems

Easily integrate with many platforms such as Deliverect, Guesty, Logo and Netsis via Marketplace.

24/7 Support

Reach the experienced support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and easily perform all transactions related to Simpra.

Meet No.1 ePOS System

All-in-One Hotel Management Software

All the features you need for hotel software are in Simpra. Meet the Simpra family now to manage your hotel perfectly.

SimpraPMS Hotel Management System

Easily manage hotel reservations, provide excellent service and increase your profitability with SimpraPMS.

Internet Booking Engine

Increase the reservations you receive from your hotel’s website with the internet booking engine. Avoid paying high commissions to OTAs.

Channel Manager

Easily accept reservations from travel agencies and manage your reservations easily with Simpra Channel Manager.

Restaurant Reservation Management

Thanks to Check&Place’s integration with Opera, Suite8 and SimpraPMS, you can match room numbers with reservations in F&B areas and manage your reservations perfectly.

Discover Perfect Hotel Software Now

All the features you need for hotel software are in Simpra. Meet the Simpra family now to manage your hotel perfectly!

Smart Devices Turning Into Payment Terminals with Simpra PAY

Turn all smartphones, tablets and ePOS terminals with NFC-enabled Android operating system into payment terminals.

Single Device

Receive orders and contactless payments using a single device based on the flexible infrastructure of SimpraPOS.

Contactless Payment

Utilize all NFC-enabled devices with Android operating systems as payment terminals.

Sending e-Invoice

Send e-Invoice to your customers after their payments are completed and approved.

Uninterrupted Support

Provide uninterrupted service to your customers by getting 24/7 support from our expert support team.

Turn Your Smart Devices into Payment Terminal Now!