Pos Terminals

The most important feature that a smart POS system should provide to businesses is that it can work with the same stability on different hardware and operating systems.

Simpra is by your side to meet all POS system needs with POS terminals suitable for businesses of all types and sizes. It is very easy to choose the right POS terminal for you with Simpra, which works seamlessly on Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.

HP Engage One Prime – Android

Deliver exceptional experiences to customers and value to your business with the sleek, affordable HP Engage One Prime. This system is ready to run quickly, integrates seamlessly with popular software and payment services1, and has the reliability you need.

iPad Pro – iOS

If you want to work with the iOS operating system in your business, Simpra has also prepared the iOS version for you. You can access all the features of Simpra and be ready for innovations with the updates for the iOS version.

HP Engage One – Windows

Providing easy installation and practical integration in food & beverage businesses, the HP Engage One Android POS terminal has 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory. One Prime 4-inch full HD large digital display and stylish body complements the atmosphere and interior design of restaurants and cafes that care for the performance as well as appearance. In addition, it can be used with any system thanks to its USB ports and Bluetooth feature.

Breeze – Linux

If you are in favor of using a Linux operating system in your business’s POS terminal, Simpra’s Linux version is for you. If you do not want to give up on Linux by continuing to benefit from Simpra in all its aspects without missing any feature, our Linux version will be your solution partner.


Simpra offers highly flexible configurations with next generation IP printers. In this way, you will not encounter common problems such as not being able to print receipts or receive reports.

(Dot Matrix)

The SRP-275IIICOESG is an ideal printer for kitchen and bar areas.


  • Easy drop-in paper-load
  • 3-inch Impact Dot


SRP-E300 is a cost-effective, direct thermal receipt and ticket printer ideal for retail and hospitality. Producing print speeds up to 220mm/sec and offering a print resolution of 180 dpi to produce high quality graphics, text and barcodes.


  • User-friendly, compact design
  • Easy drop-in paper load
  • Paper saving mode

(Dot Matrix)

The TM-U295 is ideal for cheque and credit authorization terminals. TM-U295 can print up to 3 copies (including the original copy) of invoice and check.


  • Easy-to-operate touch panel
  • Automatic paper eject

(Dot Matrix)

The TM-220B is an ideal dot matrix printer for the kitchen and bar areas.


  • Easy drop-in paper load
  • Autocutter included
  • Standard two-color printing


The TM-88IV is a fast-speed printer for high-volume sales environments.


  • Easy drop-in paper load
  • Autocutter included
  • Black-white receipt printing
  • Graphic prints

Cash Register and Mobile POS Devices at Simpra

Buy mobile and fixed POS devices that you will need in your business from Simpra and run all software hardware integrated.

Ingenico IDE 280 Cash Register POS Device

Combining cash register and POS features, the new generation POS Ingenico IDE 280 supports all payment types, smart, contactless, magnetic. Get a password either from the device or via PINPAD with the long-lasting IDE 280 which has a 10-year financial memory.

  • Touch color screen
  • Seamless communication with Ethernet and GPRS
  • All bank applications are ready with installment and point earning features
  • Customizable part names

Ingenico Move5000f Cash Register POS

  • Wide communication option with 4G/3G/2G and ethernet connections.
  • Touchscreen, colorful and resistant to harsh conditions.
  • It is suitable for intensive field use with its superior battery performance.
  • Workplace friendly in applications such as restaurant, delivery, field distribution.
  • Lightweight, small and portable design with a weight of only 420 grams.
  • It has the highest level of International Security Certifications (EMV Level 1, 2 and PCI PTS 5.x).
  • Resistant to drops, heat and cold.
  • Currently, the software architecture suitable for Common POS use and bank applications run simultaneously.