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Enhanced ePOS for Restaurant Management

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Zafer Bilge


Even my one-day employee can easily learn Simpra after 24 hours.

Erman Eroğlu


We have correctly set up our workflows with Simpra. In particular, it is a great convenience for us to receive reports from our mobile phones.

Sarah Nile Cameron


I can easily use Simpra and I am very happy with it.

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Manage your restaurant with end-to-end solutions

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Uninterrupted service by our expert support team

User-Friendly Interface

Faster transactions with easy-to-use software

Cloud Infrastructure

Real-time accessible cloud infrastructure

Takes restaurant management to the next level with its superior features

Simpra allows you to manage your business in an easy and practical way. Simpra’s end-to-end restaurant management software enables service personnel to serve more efficiently, while helping you increase customer satisfaction.

Manage Your Orders Efficiently

Track the time your customers stay at the table and measure how much profit the tables bring in this period. As soon as the service personnel receives an order, the orders are instantly reflected on the screen in the kitchen. Thus, order speed and customer satisfaction increase.

Easily Manage Product Recipes

Use Simpra Inventory for efficient stock supply management. By integrating the stock program with your ePOS system, you can automatically deduct the relevant raw materials from the stock as the product is sold.

Get Loyal Customers to Your Restaurant

Regulars are invaluable to any business. By offering deals to your most loyal customers, you can make them visit your business even more often. In this way, you can increase the customer loyalty of the business.

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Simpra sayesinde yapmam gereken her şeyi cep telefonumdan bile yapabiliyorum.

Koray Hatem

YADA Sushi

All the Integrations and Reports You Need

Simpra Family products allow you to access and manage all the data you need about your restaurant. All the integrations needed to increase revenue are also ready to use!

Flexible Restaurant
Check Program

Instantly view the treats offered to customers on the ePOS system, and instantly reflect the sales of products that are not on the menu.

Everything You Need

If your restaurant offers delivery as well as table service, you can manage these two different service types and income items separately in the same Simpra panel and measure your profitability.

Not Just Z-Report,
All Reports

Make the necessary improvements by getting instant reports about the most profitable hours of the day, the most profitable product groups and much more with Simpra Insight.

Integration with
All Systems

Easily integrate with many platforms such as Deliverect, Guesty, Logo and Netsis via Marketplace.

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SimpraPOS was developed to maximize the services offered in your restaurant.

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