SimpraPOS System Fee Bundles

Simpra offers customizable solutions for the needs of your restaurant. It makes restaurant management easy with flexible pricing options!

*Annual price package is 20% off.



TAX Included / Monthly

Single Branch

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*Preferred if you are a business with a single branch.



TAX Included / Monthly

Multiple Branches

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*Preferred if you have more than 1 branch.

Features Included in Both Price Packages

Multiple users Unlimited revenue center creation
Advanced instant reporting Unlimited table creation
Unlimited advanced menu item configurations Offline work mode
Unlimited product label creation Creating multiple sales channels (POS, Kiosk, Deliverect, etc.)
Mass price change and future price update Defining foreign currency and receiving payments with foreign currency
Creating a discount / campaign in the basket based on product and amount Unlimited customer creation
Multi-language support Deliverect, Simpra Inventory, Loyalty and other integrations
Creating unlimited employee and authorization groups Current module feature

Why You Should Choose Simpra

30 Years of Experience

Simpra has been providing services to the food & beverage and accommodation sectors for more than 30 years.

24×7 Support

Get support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from Simpra’s expert support team.


Easily manage all delivery service processes with Simpra’s Deliverect integration.

Offline Mode

Simpra continues to work even if your connection is lost. You will not experience data loss with its offline mode.