Contactless Ordering and Contactless Payments
with QR Menu Order

Easily manage contactless ordering and payment processes, increase your income with flawless service!


Contactless, Fast and Error-Free Ordering Process

QR Menu Order is an innovative product that starts the contactless ordering and payment process in restaurants and cafés during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hasan Işık


We decided to work with Simpra because it has a strong team and corporate structure.

Gökhan Balcı


We can easily perform our POS transactions and monitor them instantly with Simpra.

Sarah Nile Cameron


I can easily use Simpra and I am very happy with it.

ePOS System Integrated with QR Menu

The customers’ orders reach the ePOS system and the kitchen at the same time based on the ePOS system integrated with the special order system. Menu updates made in the ePOS system are directly reflected on the QR Menu.

QR Code Compatible User Friendly Digital Menu

Your customers scan the QR code on the table using their smartphones’ cameras and access the restaurant’s mobile-compatible menu. They can easily order without any physical contact.

Instant e-Invoice Sending with Contactless Payment

Customers can easily make contactless payments using their smartphones. When the payment is confirmed, an e-Invoice is sent to the customers’ email addresses without any physical contact.

Create QR Code Compatible Menu Now

Improve service quality, increase revenue by satisfying customers.


Manage QR Menu Operations From a Single Platform

Master Account users can centrally monitor and manage the QR Menu operations of all branches.

Adding a New Location

In chain enterprises, new locations can be added via the QR Menu and all locations can be managed from a single point.

Campaign Creation

Different campaigns can be defined for orders completed through the QR Menu so as to increase customer loyalty.


Detailed reports for the QR Menu sales of all branches can be viewed.

Sub Account

Sub Account is a management account that branches can individually have.Using the Sub Account, product units, menu visuals and ongoing fixed costs of the enterprise can be managed.


User Story

Listen from our users why you should choose Simpra.

Simpra ile çok rahat bir şekilde POS işlemlerimizi gerçekleştirip, anlık olarak takip edebiliyoruz.

Gökhan Balcı


Start taking contactless ordering and payments with QR Menu Order.

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