Handheld Terminal and Waiter Application
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Manage your orders quickly and efficiently with a handheld terminal!

Fast and Easy Order Process with Waiter Order Module

By downloading the SimpraPOS mobile application to your smartphone, start using it as a handheld terminal and easily receive orders.

iOS and Android Devices

Download the application to your iOS or Android operating system device and start using it instantly.

Practical Menu Management

By categorizing and coloring the menu items, you can enable the waiters to take action faster while taking the order.

Take Order

Take your customers’ orders with one click and add them to the account of the relevant table. You can also view the past orders of the tables.

Viewing Checks

Easily view the order amount and content of the tables that require an account, get the account and view it at the cashier.

Table Management

When your customers change tables, you can move their table account to another table with one click and merge their table accounts.

Cover Fee

Automatically update the checks you create by adding cover fees and guest information.

User Story

Listen from our users why you should choose Simpra.

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Koray Hatem

YADA Sushi

Start Managing Your Orders Easily with Handheld Terminals

All you have to do is download the SimpraPOS mobile application to your smartphone!

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