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All the features you need for restaurant and cafe software are available in Simpra. Meet the Simpra family now to manage your business perfectly!


Manage Your Business End-to-End with Simpra Restaurant Software

Restaurant management is now very easy with improved restaurant software.

End-to-End Restaurant Management with SimpraPOS

Instantly view the order details of your customers, the occupied and empty tables in your business, the opened checks, and the orders received from the table or takeaway with the SimpraPOS system.


Integrate perfectly with food ordering platforms such as Deliverect and Guesty, to take delivery orders easily.

Offline Mode

In case the internet connection is lost, the offline operation feature of SimpraPOS is activated. In this way, the operation of the restaurant is not interrupted.

Accounting Software

All sales are automatically entered into the accounting system by working integrated with accounting software such as Logo and Netsis.

Waiters Handheld Terminal For Orders and Payments

Hand terminals play an important role in increasing the quality of service from the moment the order is received until the payment.

Easy access

It can be easily accessed via the App Store and Google Play.

Order Management

Service personnel can manage orders via the handheld terminal.

Integrated with POS System

The order received by the service personnel with the hand terminal goes directly to the POS system.

Kitchen Order Management with Simpra KDS

Simpra Kitchen Order System allows kitchen staff to easily manage take-away, delivery and table orders, via the screen in the kitchen.

Kitchen Order Management

All orders placed in the POS system are instantly displayed in the kitchen order management system.

Order Status

The order status is selected as “Ready” or “Preparing” by the kitchen staff.

Order Notice

The notification regarding the prepared order is displayed instantly on the hand terminal screen and the order is directed to the customer.

Contactless Ordering and Payment System with QR Menu Order

QR Menu Order is an innovative product that starts the contactless order and payment period in restaurants and cafés during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Order Management

The orders of the customers reach the POS system and the kitchen at the same time with the special order system that works integrated with the POS system.

Easy Order Pickup

Your customers scan the QR code on the table using their smartphones’ cameras and access the restaurant’s mobile-compatible menu.Thus, they can easily order without any physical contact.

Instant e-Invoice Sending with Contactless Payment

Customers can easily make contactless payments using their smartphones. When the payment is confirmed, an e-Invoice is sent to the customers’ email addresses without any physical contact.

SimpraPAY, New Generation Payment Terminal Device Technology

Turn NFC-enabled mobile phones and POS terminals running on Android operating systems into payment terminals.

Single Device

Receive orders and contactless payments using a single device based on the flexible infrastructure of Simpra POS.

Contactless Payment

Utilize all NFC-enabled devices with Android operating systems as payment terminals.

Sending e-Invoice

Send e-Invoice to your customers after their payments are completed and approved.

Loyalty Management for Restaurants with Simpra Loyalty

Gain loyal customers and strengthen customer relations by offering special discounts, campaigns and opportunities through your mobile application with Simpra Loyalty.

Customer Segmentation

Segment customers based on different shopping habits, gender, age group and many other features with Simpra Loyalty.

Customer Profiles

View all the products you sell on the loyalty system and easily match them with customer profiles.

Various Sales Channels

Receive orders and payments through various channels such as mobile application, website, and kiosk offered by Simpra Loyalty to increase customer satisfaction.

New Generation Stock and Cost Management with Simpra Inventory

Track your purchases, products in stock and reports through a single system with Simpra Inventory.

Recipe Feature

Determine the sales price by analyzing costs of recipes. Also by keeping track of the stocks of equivalent products.

Supply Management

Determine how many products you need to order according to the stock level of your products, prices of the products and the products that are in transfer.

Bidirectional Integration

Simpra Inventory is bidirectionally integrated with ERP applications. It sends out orders to the ERP system and automatically transfers in delivery notes and invoices sent from the ERP system into Simpra Inventory.

Table Reservation Management with Check&Place

You can accept table reservations for every hour of the day and easily manage your reservations with Check&Place.

Web and Android Interface

Check your reservations from your Android tablet or via web browsers.

Multiple Branch Management

Check&Place is designed to support chain properties. Follow your branches more closely by adding them to your favorites.

Informing the Customers

List your customers who are waiting for their reservation on Check&Place, and inform your customers who are in queue via SMS or email.

Instant and Detailed Mobile Reporting with Simpra Insight

Access the sales, payment type, product and summary reports of your business in detail instantly via the Simpra Insight mobile application.

Payment Reports

Track different payment types used, total income, number of checks opened and payments received.

Product Reports

View the 20 best-selling products, net sales amounts and quantities, free gifts and discounts.

Sales Reports

Access and analyze daily, weekly and monthly sales reports with a single click.

Start a new era in your business with restaurant software solutions!

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