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Innovative Cloud Based ePOS System

SimpraPOS provides simple and practical business software for restaurants, cafes and retail businesses.

Zafer Bilge


Even my one-day employee can easily learn Simpra after 24 hours.

Koray Hatem

YADA Sushi

I can instantly see how my business is in that day's turnover with Simpra. This is a great convenience.

Emrah Sati

Urban Bread

We have not encountered another POS system as detailed and useful as Simpra.

No.1 ePOS System

Manage your restaurant with end-to-end solutions

24/7 Support

Uninterrupted service by our expert support team

User-Friendly Interface

Easy-to-use software that scales to your business


Real-time accessible cloud infrastructure

Manage Your Restaurant From End to End with The Simpra Family!

Perfect end-to-end restaurant management with products developed to facilitate business management.


Create campaigns, get loyal customers


Streamline inventory and cost management


Business reports in your pocket anytime, anywhere

Kitchen Display System

Instantly view your orders in the kitchen

Reservation Management

Easily track and manage all your reservations


Take delivery orders online, increase your earnings

Increase Customer Satisfaction, Get Loyal Customers!

View all your tables via the ePOS system with the table plan drawing specially designed for your business. You can view the table plan of different areas of your business such as terrace, interior, upper floor and lower floor separately.

Know Your Customers Better, Increase Business Revenues!

SimpraPOS allows you to get to know your customers in the best possible way. Thanks to the advanced customer segment feature, you can segment your guests, create special menus for them and report their sales. For example, if there are many children in your business, you can highlight the children’s menu, and if there are many women, increase your income by creating special menus for women!

Developed For You to Manage Your Restaurant Better

SimpraPOS offers perfect features to every business by working in accordance with all order types such as self-service, table service and delivery order.

Price Wizard

The prices you set are updated automatically on the day and time you want. Thus, you save time and reduce the workload.

Campaign Wizard

Create all your planned campaigns through the ePOS system and increase your sales with the simplified campaign module.


Access detailed data such as total turnover, product consumption, payment types and average income per person with the advanced reporting options.

Offline Mode

Even in adverse situations such as internet interruption, your operation will not be interrupted and you will not experience data loss.

Perfect Restaurant Management
with SimpraPOS!

Design the table layout in your business,
create your menu, start taking orders now

Enhanced Features for Efficient Restaurant Management

Facilitate business management with many more features offered by SimpraPOS.

Creating Sub-Menus

Create sub-menus by grouping the best-selling, recommended and expired products thanks to the tags feature.

Sitting Time Tracking

View the sitting times at the tables, track the time of taking orders again and so you can reduce the waiting times of customers.

Safe Control

Follow the accounts received in the safe, the costs incurred and all the transactions that took place in the safe, and keep the reports of these transactions under your control.

Explicit Products

Add products that are not in the menu -but requested by your customers- to the ePOS system without any configuration.


Increase your service quality with integrations you can reach in the marketplace!

Follow the Signs in Your Menu with SimpraPOS

Improve the quality of service and serve your customers better with the signs you will display next to the menu items!

Your Business is Under Control with the Management Panel

Restaurant software that can be scaled according to your business!

Menu Check

Add a new menu item from anywhere you want, view all the details of the existing products and manage the entire menu.

Price Control

Create different price policies for the same product, for delivery, for the restaurant, and branches.

New Branch

Set up a new branch by transferring all the data and menu items of the existing branch to the ePOS system in 3 minutes.


Get many integrations such as Deliverect, Guesty, Logo and Netsis from the marketplace whenever you want.

Are you ready to meet the best ePOS system?

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